Perfect is the enemy of good enough.
— Orlando Pescetti

A fiery, passionate performer who leaves everything on the stage, Drew Alexander Forde gives his all to audiences. Hailing from The Juilliard School, Drew regularly performs throughout the United States. Described by NPR as “outgoing, nerdy, and unabashedly enthusiastic about classical music,” Drew connects with audiences in a way that leaves them wanting more. This coming September, Forde will be performing the Forsyth Viola Concerto with the National Orchestra of the Dominican Republic for his professional solo debut.

Although Drew has finally begun a career as a soloist with a Spivey Hall debut coming this November, he is also an accomplished Chamber Musician. Having studied under Lawrence Dutton of the Emerson String Quartet, Drew has performed with some of the industry’s leading performers including Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, the St. Lawrence String Quartet, Robert McDuffie, and Amy Schwartz-Moretti to name a few. Drew has even begun to delve into other genres as well. He has collaborated with the eccentric rapper Mac Miller alongside Ariana Grande, Cee Lo, and Kendrick Lamar on the album The Divine Feminine. Additionally, Forde is credited for performing the viola on the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XII remake.



Perhaps Drew’s most impressive accomplishment is his ability to connect with audiences via social media. As one of the most-followed Classical Musicians on Instagram, Drew boasts a following of over 107K followers, more than twice as many as Yo-Yo Ma. Known as “ThatViolaKid” on the interwebs, Drew is a mentor and motivational content creator that doesn’t just inspire younger musicians to pursue their passion, but he also creates a community of positivity and self-improvement through his hashtag campaign, #PlayHomiePlay.

Having been featured on the official music blog of Instagram, the 2017 July Edition of Strings Magazine, and Juilliard’s very own “Day in the Life of a Musician” video campaign, Drew shows no signs of slowing down. He is now focusing on writing his debut EP and creating more content to inspire young musicians to follow their dreams.

Photographs by: Jiyang Chen